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Disruptive advantages
SVOLT is pioneering the industrial development of perovskite solar energy
Flexible purity requirements for raw materials,Amount of raw materials: only 1/1000 that of crystalline silicon
The efficiency of PSC/Si stacked cells: over 33%, far beyond the theoretical limit of crystalline silicon batteries.
Low temperature coefficient, Good power generation in low light,Actual power generation per single watt: 5%-10% higher than that of crystalline silicon components
Over 30% of photoelectric conversion, beyond the limit of that of crystalline silicon
Low cost, 40% lower than the cost of crystalline silicon components
Short supply chain,Low investment in the building of production lines, only 1/10 that of crystalline silicon
Industrial development of perovskite
Focused on the technical directions in the industrial development of perovskite solar energy
Raw materials
new materials, Cost effective, environmentally-friendly
efficient stable and convertible
Industrial Technology
Scalability, High yield, Low cost
Cutting-edge Technology
New areas, Disruptive,Forward-looking
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